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Creamware Poodles by Bow of London ca. 1745 Set of 3

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English poodles on stands with shaved creamware manes and tails, marked with the anchor and rope of Bow of England. Active in the mid 18th century and closing by 1776, Bow attempted to rival Chelsea Porcelain Works in the production of soft paste porcelain. Designs imitated imported Chinese and Japanese porcelains and the wares being produced at Chelsea, at the other end of London. From about 1753, Meissen figures were copied, both directly and indirectly through Chelsea. Quality was notoriously uneven; the warm, creamy body of Bow porcelains is glassy and the glaze tends towards ivory. The paste included bone ash, and Bow figures were made by pressing the paste into moulds, rather than the slipcasting used at Chelsea. These are great survivors. 11″ x 11″ x 6″ each
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